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Chef Lele is available for interviews and guest appearances on your show. Depending on the format of your show, Chef Lele might be able to bake something for your show staff to enjoy or even your audience to sample. Simply inquire to see what's possible. Anything's possible!

"I'm always looking to share my baking talents, ideas and life experiences with audiences of any size or demographic. I guarantee you'll love me as a guest on your show! Contact me today and let's discuss the possibilities." -- Chef Lele



If you'd like to know what Chef Lele is up to in the media, when she conducts interviews and more, you can reference her Media/Upcoming Events calendar.

See a date open you'd like to book Chef Lele? Contact here through this website and see if she's available.



The "Cake Queen" Has Arrived

Can you just see it? Chef Lele gracing the cover of your next magazine, newspaper, eZine or other publication edition?

Whether online or offline, can you just see this as a potential cover showcasing Chef Lele in an upcoming article, which we've provided samples below on this page, in your next publication?

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Take what you like and run with it! In advance, we look forward to working with you if you decide to run a featured article about Chef Lele and you also happen to place Chef Lele on the cover of your publication. 


Chef Lele's new book:

Sis, You Are The Cake

21 Delicious Recipes To Overcome Life's Obstacles & Go After What You Want

by Chef Lele

SOME TIME AGO, Chef Lele was depressed with how her life was going. For the longest time and like many women in her shoes, she felt trapped because of some of the previous decisions and consequences she had to deal with. She knew there had to be more to life than her boring, mundane existence called “a life,” which consisted of going to an underpaid, mundane job with no personal or financial growth or living the kind of lifestyle she desired. Ultimately, she broke free of life’s blocks and mental barriers that were holding her back. Inside, she shares exactly how she did it. Every woman needs to hear Chef Lele's message of hope and personal triumph!


"Below, you'll find a two very fun and insightful articles you may post on your website, blog, eZine or in your next publication. In advance, thank you for the publication and let me know when/where you might publish one (or both) of my suggested articles! I look forward to seeing what "sweet magic" you might do!" -- Chef Lele


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