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Sis, You Are The Cake

21 Delicious Recipes To Overcome Life's Obstacles & Go After What You Want by Chef Lele

SOME TIME AGO, I was deeply depressed with how my life was going and I felt trapped because of some of the previous decisions and consequences I had to deal with.

I knew deep down there had to be more to life than my boring, mundane existence called “life,” which consisted of going to a mundane job with no potential or living the kind of lifestyle I desired. Can you relate?

To make a long story short, sis, I broke free of life’s blocks and mental barriers that were holding me back. Inside, I share with you exactly how I did it.


Chef Lele, known by her students, clients, fans and customers alike as the “cake queen”, “cupcake queen” and the “praline queen,” Lele shares her love for baking and experience as a successful cake baking chef with her online how-to training course for baking the world’s most amazing cakes. Even her competition compliments her creations and wants to know how she does what she does!

Chef Lele recently authored her first book, for women, called Sis, You Are the Cake, which is a book about overcoming the obstacles and challenges women face while on their way to living the sweet life. 


Below are a number of suggested questions you might ask Chef Lele when you interview her on your upcoming show:

Q1: Great title, what inspired you to write a book like this?

Q2: Have you ever written a book before, and what was it like writing this book?

Q3: What's your cooking/baking background, education, etc.?

Q4: How did you start baking cakes and how long have you been baking cakes? 

Q5: Tell me about your cakes! What's special about them? Do you bake other desserts?

Q6: What messages are in the books that you'd like our listeners to know about?

Q7: How can women get hold of the book?

Q8: I saw on your website you coach, mentor and have classes? Tell me about that.

Q9: Can people order cakes from you and how do they go about that?

Q10: Do you speak, train or make special appearances?

Q11: What's the "Cake Inspector?" Tell me about that! Sounds like a reality show!

Q12: How can people get a hold of you if they'd like to contact you for whatever reason?


For more information about Chef Lele, how to get a hold of her, take her online course, mentor with her or to order her new book, Sis, You Are the Cake, just head on over to her website, ChefLele.com.


To request an interview with Chef Lele, contact her online through this website. Your interview inquiry will be responded to promptly. In a hurry? Call Chef Lele directly at (323) 484-5100 PST to set up an interview. She can't wait!


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