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Chef Lele forever delights her clients, fans and customers alike as the “praline queen,” “cake queen”, “cupcake queen” and shares her deep insights and wisdom of being a business owner in the chef industry, culinary arts educator with how-to tips for baking the world’s most beautiful cakes, and as an author.

Chef Lele recently authored her first book, for women, called Sis You Are the Cake, which is a book about overcoming the obstacles and challenges women face while on their way to living the sweet life. 

Chef Lele launched her career after completing her studies at Le Cordon Bleu school of culinary arts (Scottsdale, AZ) in 2015 as a chef. While working as a chef for The Hershey Country Club in Harrisburg, PA, she soon discovered an even deeper passion for baking pastries and, well, the rest was “cake-story.” She started learning more about the art of baking and decorating cakes. Her love for cake decorating would soon take her to California and now the fabulous Las Vegas, NV!

Chef Lele has created decadent custom desserts such cakes, decorated cookies, cake pops, and cupcakes from heaven for so many clients over the years, including The Girl Scouts, NCAA, entertainment industry execs, politicians, celebrities, business owners, moms/dads and the average every day cake-aholic. Chef Lele strives to give her clients delicious works of art that are completely edible for any and all occasions!

Chef Lele and her famous cakes have participated in countless community events, parties and festivals and is a proud community partner for the Caramel Connections Foundation, an organization that oversees educating California's Inland Empire families on healthier eating choices, of which, she served sugar-free cupcakes! She also offers vegan desserts for clients that want to get “cake wasted” but can’t consume dairy. Pretty sweet, eh?

Chef Lele Bakes For Las Vegas, Nevada

You can find her on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, on various podcast radio shows, as well as TV in the near future! So, grab a plate and step right up! Chef Lele's got a slice of cake waiting for you.

Feel free to reach out to Chef Lele if you have any questions or would like to contact her for any reason. Until then, make it a "sweet day!"

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