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Sis, You Are The Cake!

by Chef Lele

SIS, YOU ARE THE CAKE and don’t let anyone tell you different! WHY? BECAUSE YOU, SIS, are one book away from living a totally different life! The kind of life where you’re living out your true purpose and doing what you love to do most!  I know this can happen for you because it happened to me and I’m so happy now! 


SOME TIME AGO, before I became the extraordinary Chef Lele I am today, I was deeply depressed with how my life was going and I felt trapped because of some of the previous decisions and consequences I had to deal with. I knew deep down there had to be more to life than my boring, mundane existence called “life,” which consisted of going to a mundane job with no potential or living the kind of lifestyle I desired. Can you relate? I’m sure you can. We all can, right?

As women, it’s easy to find ourselves putting others first. Why not? We love them, don’t we? Of course, we do. I have also found, over time, that I didn’t always make the best choices or decisions in life. Something we all can relate to. What’s more, my plans didn’t always go “as planned!” I know I’m talking to the choir, right? We’ve all walked in these shoes before.


Well, throughout our lives, we don’t always realize our own value or even our own true sense of self-worth. Why is that? Because of this, we might not have the right amount of confidence needed to take that leap of faith and go for our dreams or pursue something that was a better fit for what we really wanted out of life. I can just hear a crowd of women (and men) saying, “That’s me!”


Instead, some of us do what others tell us to do, which in the long run, doesn’t always serve our personal needs or desires to go for what we (really) want in life. We ignore the warning message they say on the airplane (in case of an emergency) to put the air supply mask on yourself first before others so you can better help others better. So, I thought, shouldn’t I help myself first (in certain ways) so I’m better able to help others better? In changing some things about how I went about life and the decisions I made, I found out I could pursue my wants, dreams and desires and help others at the same time. Hence, Sis, You Are The Cake, was born to help other women, specifically, experience and discover what I had found out in order to help make their lives much better and more fulfilled and on so many levels.


For those that don’t know me, I’ve been a professional cake chef for almost a decade! In that time, I’ve learned a lot about serving others, making them smile, and it was from all those interactions with people I decided to write about what I had learned. In my book, Sis, You Are The Cake, I discuss a number of key areas of life, relationships, work, money, and decision making perspectives that have really set me on a fast course for even more personal success and fulfillment beyond what I could have ever imagined looking back. 


Years ago, I broke free of life’s blocks and mental barriers that were holding me back. When I started writing Sis, You Are The Cake, I decided to be as transparent as I could about my personal life and story and share all my lessons using cakes, sweets and desserts as metaphors in the title and by sharing my insights on life and living it to its fullest. Just check out some of these cute chapter titles inside, Sis, You Are The Cake: Preparing For A Sweet Life • Loving Yourself FIRST Should Be A Piece Of Cake & Your First Priority • You Can Have Your Cake & Eat it Too! • Happiness Is Homemade • Avoiding Sweet Nothings • Let Go Of The Past, Sweetie! • You Only Get Back What You Put In • There’s Power In Laying Low & Keeping Your Plans To Yourself • Money Matters • The More Consistent You Are, The Sweeter Life Becomes • Sweet Vibes Only, Sis! • Sweet Things Happen When Women “Come Together” • Sugar & A Whole Lot of Spice • Criticism Simply Adds A Little Flavor To Your Recipe • Sweetie, Stop Wasting Time • Sis, Hush For A Minute • Live, Laugh & Be Thankful For Sprinkles! • Help Yourself To Something Sweet • Make Up Your Mind, Honey • Mudpies • Summary & Words Of Encouragement ... among other chapter titles! 


Inside Sis, You Are The Cake, women learn how to prepare themselves for the “sweet life” and living their true purpose. I go into ways of loving yourself FIRST so you can love others even more. I talk about how it should be our number one priority (as women) and how it should also be a “piece of cake!” I go into how a woman can have her cake (i.e., desires for life) and eat it too (i.e., enjoy a balanced life with friends/family if and how she chooses. 


You can just imagine, when women treat themselves well, first, and give themselves permission to live a “sweeter life”, life itself becomes sweet in and of itself and those around you love you even more. Having said that, sis, always remember, you are the cake and the icing on top! You have the right to live your best life, says, Chef Lele!


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Chef Lele launched her cake baking career after completing her studies at Le Cordon Bleu school of culinary arts. Known as the “Cake Queen,” Chef Lele has created decadent custom desserts such cakes, decorated cookies, cake pops, and cupcakes from heaven for so many clients over the years. Chef Lele strives to give her clients delicious works of art that are completely edible for any and all occasions! Chef Lele and her famous cakes have participated in countless community events, parties and festivals. Chef Lele also trains current and aspiring bakers to follow in her successful footsteps. You can find her on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, on various podcast radio shows, as well as TV! So, grab a plate and step right up! Chef Lele's got a slice of cake and some great life advice waiting for you.

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