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Learn From Chef Lele In Her Private, One-On-One Class

Taught by Chef Lele

Learn how to bake cakes one-on-one with Chef Lele! In this private one-on-one class, Chef Lele comes to you and spends up to 3 hours with you showing you exactly how to bake cakes, make frosting and so much more! Just think of Chef Lele as your private tutor! GET EXCITED! You're about to get one-on-one cake baking attention and lessons with your favorite cake baking chef, Chef Lele!

What You Will Learn

✓ Ingredients needed to make a cake!

✓ Equipment needed to make a cake!

✓ How to properly bake a cake!

✓ How to prepare and frost a cake!

✓ How to properly assemble a cake!

✓ Simple fondant decorations!

✓ Tools needed to decorate a cake!

✓ Simple cake finishing touches!

✓ How to store and transport a cake!

✓ How to fix common cake errors!

✓ Proper planning for baking cakes!


In order to take this private, one-on-one class, it will be helpful if you had the following to assist you with your learning so it can be that much more fulfilling! 

• Your passion for baking and wanting to make beautiful cake creations!

• A kitchen with the recommended baking tools and equipment.

• Basic baking kitchen skills will be helpful, but can be learned.

• Cake baking ingredients available from all supermarkets. 

• Have a clean, working oven. Please be sure it is clean and operational.

• Friends, family and co-workers to eat your cake creations.


Here's what's in store for you when you spend time with Chef Lele in your private, one-on-one cake baking class:

CLASS DURATION: One-on-one classes last for 3 hours. The first hour is instruction and preparation. The second and third our will focus solely on hands on cake instruction such as frosting, assembling, and decorating/storing. 

VIDEO RECORDING: You may video record your training time with Chef Lele (for personal use only) using your mobile phone or other recording device. 

TRAVELING: Depending on where you live, if Chef Lele travels to you, there may be travel fees involved. They will be discussed on the phone after Chef Lele receives your private, one-on-one class request inquiry, which you submitted by filling in the form below.

SPECIFIC REQUESTS: If there is a particular cake you would like to create, the price for this class may increase due to any difficulty or additional time required. Additional time needed for any one-on-one class session will be $100 for each additional hour. (Regular hourly rate is $250 per hour. You save $150 per hour.)

GROUP CLASSES: If you have more than one person who would like to join in on your private, one-on-one class, that's okay! Talk to Chef Lele about private group class rates. Everyone saves and wins when Chef Lele teaches more than one person in the room. This you can discuss with Chef Lele when you talk to her on the phone.

PAYMENT(S): You will be required to either pay in full or half up front as a non-refundable deposit, and pay the remaining balance 1 week prior to Chef Lele traveling to you or upon your arrival. Long distance traveling costs are additional.

TRAVEL TIME: Travel time is extra, depending on how far Chef Lele has to travel to you. Do you live outside the Las Vegas, NV area? Travel time shall be discussed.

TRAVELING TO VEGAS: If you're traveling to the Las Vegas, NV area and would like recommendations on hotel rooms, there are plenty of deals all over town. It's recommended you stay at a hotel near the north end of The Strip, which is the downtown Las Vegas area. I say that because it's 15 minutes from where I live and the parking at many of these hotels is much more convenient. The further down on the strip you go, the larger the hotels and the farther away the parking is. You don't want that, unless you want to stay at one of the BIG hotels!


If you are interested in this type of private, one-on-one class format with Chef Lele by your side, please fill in the form below. Chef Lele will receive your request and call you regarding her availability and to discuss any other items related to your time together. You can expect a call from Chef Lele within 24-48 hours of your request.

$300 Sale Price




About Your Instructor

Chef Lele, known by her students, clients, fans and customers alike as the “cake queen”, “cupcake queen” and the “praline queen,” Lele shares her love and experience as a successful cake chef with her how-to training advice for baking the world’s most amazing cakes. Even her competition compliments her creations and wants to know how she does what she does!